If Viola was your church member, how would you handle her situation?

Watch this short video-based quiz on counseling choices

(click the video to the left)

Clergy: How would you handle the following situation?

Report/ Curriculum from the National Network to Eliminate Disparities

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Article from Sermon Content Analysis

Payne, J.S. (2008). “Saints Don’t Cry”: Exploring Messages Surrounding Depression and Mental Health Treatment as Expressed by African-American Pentecostal Preachers. Journal of African American Studies, 12(3), 215-228.

Article One from Clergy Depressive Counseling Survey

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Article Two from Clergy Depressive Counseling Study Data

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Article from Urban Pastor's Study (Templeton Data)

Payne, J.S. (2017). “It’s kind of a dichotomy”: Thoughts related to calling and purpose from pastors working and counseling in urban resource-poor communities. Journal of Religion and Health, 1-17. 56(4), 1419–1435, doi:10.1007/s10943-017-0363-7

Article examining Social Media data

Payne, J.S. & Hays, K. (2016). A spectrum of belief: A qualitative exploration of candid discussions of clergy on mental health and healing. Mental Health, Religion and Culture 19(6), 600-612.

Book Chapter on Religion, Spirituality and Sex Among College Students

Payne, J.S. & Gaston, G. (2015). Saved, sanctified and having sex: Religiosity, spirituality and HIV/STI prevention among college College students. In Wilton, L., Palmer, R.T., and Maramba, D. (Eds.), Understanding HIV and STI Prevention for Students (pp. 131-149). New York, NY: Routledge Press.

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