Meet Dr. Jennifer Payne


Dr. Payne supports church leaders (pastors, bishops, ministers, and other clergy) in addressing church member risky behaviors and/or emotional issues. She has provided training on behavioral health topics for pastors, clergy councils, church conventions, and laity for two decades.

Research and Resources 


Looking for faith-based mental and behavioral health resources? Check out the Reference Page and the  Resource Blog, where resources and references are located.

Clergy Support: Behavioral Health Training for Ministers


Services include:

  • Behavioral health training at churches

  • Behavioral health conference/ symposium trainings

  • Training for church laity/ congregations

  • Individual coaching for church leaders

  • Consultation on specific cases

  • Church behavioral health research and program development 

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On deliverance:


"When we get tired of circling around in our own personal wilderness, then we are ready to take any steps necessary to get what God already is waiting for us to obtain". - J. Payne

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